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Bavarian Autosport is Closing Bavarian Autosport is Closing

This is a bummer. I always enjoyed getting their newsletter and ordering parts from them.


Do you like cars? Like, really like cars? To the point that close friends and family are concerned for your well-being because 1) you like cars too much to have any close friends and 2) your family has given up communicating with you through your preferred use of chassis codes and CEL hieroglyphics?

2003 Saturn L200, 150k miles

Looking at this tomorrow. Anything of note to worry about? It’s $1,600 which is directly in a friends budget. 

Just got a phone call about a suspicious bag at a terminal in an airport. Luckily I’m not the cops, but I know their correct number and told the caller. Guess I should watch the news over the next day or two.

Spent Last Night Getting Shit on in Apex Legends

Level 7 with a whopping 3 kills to my name. This game is misery.

Acura Integra Transmission Question

My friends 2000 Integra LS automatic is stutter-shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear, and takes a heavy foot and about 3,500rpm or 4,000rpm to get it to finally shift up into 3rd. Is this a pressure switch issue or a shift solenoid issue? I’m having trouble finding a clear answer online, and won’t be able to pull codes off…

Updoot: New Job Updoot: New Job

Update on this. I finally received an offer for what looks like a 15% pay increase with oodles of (assuming) better benefits. Now comes endless paperwork and another waiting period. Hopefully I can get past their screening process (a myriad of mirror-fogging tests I’m sure) and land this thing before August.

oh jesus fuck why can’t the Kinja devs keep their dick-beaters off of our shit???

Integra Rear Brakes - Any Tips?

I’m replacing the rear pads and rotors on a ‘00 Integra LS tomorrow morning - any pointers other than the caliper tool to turn in the pistons?

I Mean, is This Really a Bad Idea? I Mean, is This Really a Bad Idea?

$8,500 FOB for a 75k mile turbo Cosmo?

What are the chances that three vehicles in a row all have nails in their tires, when all the owners happen to be standing at/near the service counter? Dad took mom’s Land Cruiser in for service and they found a screw in one of the tires, along with two other customer vehicles. I’m wondering if some bored tech is…

Probably dumb to post this here, but my phone number is damn near identical to a police non-emergency number, and I get all sorts of voicemails about missing items, issues with relatives, and in one case a potential kidnapping. Yesterday I got two voicemails from a “congressman” in PA; an irate one about a welfare…

DB2 Goodness DB2 Goodness

ETA: Whoops! looks like I had a DB4 in there.

Given the current price trend on old VWs, this internet picture would go for $150,000 at auction, but I’m giving it to you for freesies. You’re welcome, unwashed masses of Oppositelock.

Had an interview this morning. I was amazing and they’re going to extend an offer to me. I should have some new digs in about a year. Drinks for everyone!

MRW no one is stirring shit or flagging comments so I have to do work instead of being a Mod.

Texts from dad: NSFL Texts from dad: NSFL

0/10 worst way to open a door.

Sitting at a Construction PM Conference

They’re playing Wham! over the stereo during lunch. That is all 

Jim Glickenhaus declined the Oppositelock membership I offered. I’m fine. I’m fine.

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