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$kay bait $kay bait

I spotted this on my bike ride today. Can anyone verify the specific model?




W T F... W T F... O M G... W T F!

Hey arch duke

What do I get for predicting the correct curse for the GP?

Netflix question

Could someone in the U.S. check something for me? There's something on Netflix called Hunt vs. Lauda 1976. I'm in Canada right now and wonder if it isn't available in the US.

AoS - Some of you are very smart

Some of you made some pretty damn spot on predictions. Wow.

Agents of SHIELD - Ragtag

Spoilers ahead


Circuit of the Americas in all its laser scanned goodness will be available on iRacing in about an hour. Woo hoo!

Travis is going to spain...

To drive the McLaren 650S. He teased us earlier today then I saw Alex Lloyd say he is going to spain to test the 650S. Put 2 and 2 together. ..

Go Bison!

I want to be 12 for 12. If they win go Longhorns, Wildcats, Cardinals, and Azteks.

Miss March

McMike here's Miss March


What was that at the end of shield?

The flag of Finland as imagined by a child The flag of Finland as imagined by a child

This child is a Jalop through and through.

Rolex 24?

Where can i find the stream?

Carrie Fisher confirms role in episode vii

Not really a surprise but still news that it was confirmed. I saw it when nbc reporter will Buxton tweeted about it.

LOL! woo hoo!

my 2nd COTD!

Virtual Machine/Joystick issues

I installed Windows XP on a virtual machine. That went smoothly. Now I'm trying to get it to detect my Gravis Blackhawk Digital joystick. That is not going well. I thought i installed drivers off the web, but that doesn't appear to have worked either. Anyone with any ideas? Maybe someone could get me some help…

Just saw this week's Family Guy

How sad is it that the scene at the end where they spoof Super Mario Brothers (the original NES game) when the fireworks go off... and only 5 go off. I know they screwed up the spoof because it would either be 1 3 or 6 fireworks.


Not much to say about "The Well" except that was by far the best episode yet. Perhaps they were able to take advantage of the greater Marvelverse with their Thor tie in, but it could have easily not been a crossover and still have been a great story.

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