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First Supra Mod First Supra Mod

I wonder if anyone’s already planning to sell these...

What's the real reason Tesla's dropping the 75D? What's the real reason Tesla's dropping the 75D?

I’m guessing it’s an older style battery that they’re trying to phase out, but I’d also assume that it’s to drive more buyers to the Model 3 for near-term production targets and/or greater margins at the top of that line. The cheapest Model S and X will now be $94k and $97k, respectively. The 75D could be had for…

Superformance to Produce Shelby GR-1 Concept!! Superformance to Produce Shelby GR-1 Concept!!

Be still, my heart... One of my favorite concept cars ever. So, so much want. Designed by George Saridakis.

NFL 3-Year Rule - what's your opinion on this?

“I don’t know if Trevor Lawrence could succeed in the NFL next year. I do know that there are multiple teams that would give him the chance, and that if he were in any other industry, he’d have the choice to do so. It’s morally indefensible to deny someone life-changing money and instead force him to spend two years…

5th Best Selling Sedan (with a caveat) 5th Best Selling Sedan (with a caveat)

That’s a 20k+ delta between 4th place (Accord) and 5th place (Model 3). And saying that your sales are better than the Sentra ain’t much to brag about. I wonder how badly Tesla sales have hurt Prius sales... quite a lot, I’m guessing. Toyota definitely dropped the ball by letting those customers go elsewhere. Another…

We really need to make "autonomobile" stick.

I mean, they’re coming, whether we like it or not. Might as well have a good word for them. “The word “automobile” first appeared in the New York Times on Jan. 3, 1899, in an editorial about why other words used for the “automobile” at the time, like “autotruck” and “autowain” were weird and bad. (Some records have it…

Some OPPO Gold from Wobbles

The old John and Joe on the go. The drink and stink. The frap and *brappp!* A cold creamer and a hot steamer. Buy the shot and be free to plop! Quality shit post, Stef.

Holy Senna! Holy Senna!

Thank you, Agrajag! This is amazing! So very kind of you...

Politics: with Kelly & Mattis gone... Politics: with Kelly & Mattis gone...

...who steps in to prevent WWIII? Ivanka?

How To Drive A Million Miles In 5 Years  How To Drive A Million Miles In 5 Years 

#1 - Have a huge bladder. #2 - Get lots of all of the audiobooks. #3 - Never take vacation. #5 - Drive 6 days per week, 9 hours per day (not including stops) #6 - Average 71 miles per hour.

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

If you’ve never seen this, or if it’s not already part of your Christmas celebrations, it’s definitely worth adding. Mrs. addiction grew up with it, introduced it to me years ago, and we took the kids to a showing in the theater on Sunday. A classic.

My car, disassembled. My car, disassembled.

(not my car...) Fox Red with SSII is such a nice combo.

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