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This ball is sitting on a ball... [OT?] This ball is sitting on a ball... [OT?]

... with an ice pack tucked under her belly.

Angry, itchy stretch marks

Help! Does anyone of you wise GTers know what would work on itchy stretch marks?

Morning Cuteness Morning Cuteness

It’s Thursday evening for me, but considering that most of GT will just be starting their day, here’s a shot of cuteness to start Thursday with! <3

How to therapy?

Partner and I are going for our first couple’s counselling session this weekend. We are doing this as a preventative measure (things seem to be generally OK, nothing burning) and to see how we can set up a safe space and provide a family advisor for our future baby when he’s old enough.

Whiners United! OT Whiners United! OT

<3 It's been a long time, guys. What's new with you?

Bodies are weird [TMI]

Pregnant bodies are weirder, in my humble opinion.

Maybe Baby

UPDATE: So my eggo is preggo. It’s still early days at 9 weeks and some days. Thanks for all of the love and advice, GT!

Are We that Shallow?

tl;dr: Person took photos of self barefaced and with makeup. Photo with makeup is rated higher.

Milk Kefir

Has anyone tried drinking milk kefir? Does it taste good, or funky? I have shitty IBS (hur hur geddit?) and I’m so sick of feeling sick with the food I eat.

I'm Not Tootin' My Own Horn...

... it’s just my “tummy” misbehaving. :(

Summer '16 Summer '16

‘twas memorable and fun!

Help Me Summer Right

What’s fun to do / check out in Madison, CT in the summer? I’ll be there in a month’s time!

Meeting His Family

For the first time! In a month’s time, my partner is bringing me home to see his parents (father and step-mother). And as we are spending time at the family’s summer home, I could be meeting a rotating cast of relatives too. I am very excited, but also horribly terrified because: 1/ I just realised that this will be the…

Traveling with my Father Traveling with my Father

My father and I just returned from Tokyo - our first trip to Japan, and the first time we traveled together just the two of us, without my mum. He wasn’t too annoying, I didn’t upset him much, he walked a lot, ate food with chopsticks. I would like to think that he enjoyed himself.

SOS - possible infection ahead!

Dear GT, I hope the new year of the Monkey (and 2016) has been kind to you! My partner of close to two years has recently been complaining of low energy, joint aches since last Jun and finally went to the GP to get it checked. The GP did a physical examination of him, and asked him questions about the symptoms. In that…

Rough Week Rough Week

It’s on Tuesday AM but it’s been a rough week so far (including awful weekend). I’m calming myself down with my current earworm. Hope you enjoy the music!

Dumb Part 2

Has anyone on BC taken Diflucan for yeast infection? I’m bleeding a little but it’s not my period yet. Boo. :(

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