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We Need to Talk About Sammy Sosa’s Face We Need to Talk About Sammy Sosa’s Face

Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa did an interview recently, and I don’t think anyone heard a word he said because Sosa now looks like a chewed eraser. I don’t know what happened to him or who hurt Sosa, but the onetime Cubs great—minus the steroid-use allegations that followed him through the end of his…

Watch: Hashtag Revolution: 16-Year-Old Girl Teaches Only Lesson You’ll Ever Need About #Melanin

Hashtags have defined pop culture. You spot them all over social media, and now many of them have become popular phrases, especially when they highlight blackness: #BlackBoyJoy, #BlackLivesMatter, #GrowingUpBlack, and the list goes on.

Watch: I Love My Black Skin Watch: I Love My Black Skin

For Black History Month, The Root is celebrating blackness in a new series called I Love My Blackness. In the series, we will celebrate black skin, black style, black friendship and black love.