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Goodnight Goodnight

I found a nice FJ80 on the way to the car

DOTS: All The Feels Edition DOTS: All The Feels Edition

I’m with my son at his soccer game, getting some good Dad time in, when what should I see in the parking lot? My old Land Cruiser, looking good! That was fun, I’ve never spotted one of my old cars on the road before.

Found on Craigslist: FJ80 deal of the century

If even half of this ad is accurate, this has to be the steal of the century.

Never go FULL overland.  Never go FULL overland. 

So, I turned my truck into a gyro-copter

Found on Craigslist: RPM's FJ80 Found on Craigslist: RPM's FJ80

Has anyone else written the ad to sell their car, looked at the nice pictures they took, and immediately thought “I want that!” before remembering, oh right, I’m the one selling it?

It's Time To Sell Some Cars

I’m probably buying a thing in a couple weeks, so the time has come to sell a few things. While I’ll make you wait to announce the new RPM-mobile until it’s actually in my driveway (should be worth the wait), it’s time to start thinning the herd to make room.

Don't be That Guy Don't be That Guy

With numerous empty spaces nearby, obviously the person driving one of the smallest cars in the lot* just had to park like this.

Just Another Compact Commuter Just Another Compact Commuter

Biggest “compact” space ever, and the only overheight spot available.

I've accumulated quite a fleet. I've accumulated quite a fleet.

It would be fun, if I had the time, to write Oppo reviews for all of them...I did one for the M3 and someday I’ll do one for the SQ5. But if anyone has questions about these models, I’ve got answers.

200k Club in the Landcruiser 200k Club in the Landcruiser

My 1996 FZJ80 Landcruiser crossed the all-important 200k point! I've had it for the last 74k and it's been just wonderful.