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For El_Uly: Filter Friday For El_Uly: Filter Friday

Post your filters! Air, oil, cabin, Instagram!

I miss Filter Friday, long live Filter Friday! I miss Filter Friday, long live Filter Friday!

First, this brown SL without filter lol :]

It's Friday!

Do the thing!

Special Spooky Edition: #filterfriday Special Spooky Edition: #filterfriday

First off, sorry for the lack of Friday Instagram fun in the past few weeks, work has been heating up for me. Let’s make up for lost time! Post your car photos here or DM to @oppositelock1 to be featured. Extra bonus points for spooky Halloween themes and effects.


Do the thing! Post your pictures or DM them to @oppositelock1 on Instagram. Example: this sweet van from last week:

#filterfriday fall edition #filterfriday fall edition

Hey Oppo, happy Friday! Hope you all have some cool pictures to share from the long weekend! Post em here or DM to @oppositelock1 and we’ll share with credits :)

#filterfriday yo #filterfriday yo

Summer finale edition! We’re out in Albany/Lake George/Lime Rock with some buddies this weekend so I’ll be sharing your photos between beverages. Post em here or DM to @oppositelock1 on Instagram.

#filterfriday experiencing many follows

Well, on kinja at least. Sorry for the break last week, we were out at the Roadkill Nights Woodward event in Pontiac and I forgot to schedule a post. Also my dad was visiting so I figured I’d actually spend time with him instead of our lovely internet friends. But anyway. Here’s a picture an IRL friend took:

#filterfriday, y'all

It’s too damn hot for anything else here in Michigan today, so send us your pics! Either post in thread or DM to @oppositelock1 on Instagram.

#FilterFriday: Prisma Edition! #FilterFriday: Prisma Edition!

Credit to E92Matt for this week’s theme! Share your best Prisma pics in this thread or in a DM to @oppositelock1 on Instagram, and we’ll repost them to the Oppo Instagram.

Late ass #filterfriday

Pardon the tardiness, but I was extra busy at work today and have been running around since I got home. You know the drill, post or PM your photos and we’ll share em on the @oppositelock1 Instagram account! Here’s a wild Staryu invading a Fiesta from last week:

#filterfriday open thread!

Post up your latest photos in this thread or DM to @oppositelock1 on Instagram to be featured, and as always, bonus points for actual filters.

#filterfriday open thread!

If you missed out last week, here’s the basics: Oppo has a cool new Instagram (@oppositelock1) and us mods want to use it to feature your original photos, mostly car related, and as always bonus points for pictures of actual filters. You can post in this thread (include your IG name if you want a mention) or DM us…